About Jenny Wrote

I’m Jenny. I wrote. I still write. I wrote poetry to make sense of my life from around 11 years old. I wrote about my parents, about school, about first loves, about the strangeness of life, about connection and disconnection and about happiness and sadness.

As I grew up I wrote more intricately, about disappointment, the world of work, being a mother, loss, love and the funny things that happen to us. My writing became a little less introspective and a little more irreverent at times, and sometimes humour has just taken over completely.

I’m still writing some 50 years on, and will write for the rest of my life. So some of this is my life story, some is observational, some is just plain funny and/or a bit rude, and some is written with sadness. It’s a bit like how we live our lives – a mix of watching, finding the humour in life, experiencing the joy and facing the sadness.

I’ve divided my poems into loose categories and each poem comes with a short introduction to set the context. Take your pick, depending on your mood or interest at the time. I really hope you enjoy reading them. They are the story of my life, expressions of my perspective on life or aspects of life, and they are the way I have made sense of it all. I hope maybe one or two of them will also help you to make sense of it all too.

With love


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