Corporate Networking Blues

Corporate Networking Blues

I networked with businessy types
In a posh hotel, next to a tree
A Christmas tree covered in gold
It actually looked quite like me.

A bit overdressed, wearing gold
With baubles and chains and some red
The network event went on late
It was morning when I got to bed.

We drank champers from trays they brought round
We ate canapés (burgers on sticks)
And we mingled and chattered and smiled
And shared info about our top picks

Of youtube inspirational talks
Re leadership, teams and the such
By sports people who’ve overcome stuff
And achieved a great deal. So much

More than we all thought they could
Which just proves that you must have a dream
And a vision, with values and that
(We ate mini pavlovas with cream)

My stilettos were killing my feet
And the man who was talking to me
Had some sweat on the top of his lip
And a stain on his tie, I could see

That his burger juice mixed with some cream
Had escaped down his front, as he ate
I decided to not mention it.
The damage was done, so too late.

There was PowerPoint briefly. We clapped
And I smiled such a lot. My face ached
As I grinned at the woman in red
With big earrings and a face so caked

In foundation it looked like a mask
And her perfume was powerful too
As she talked about business type stuff
Slightly slurring her words, as you do

When you’ve drunk your way through the champagne
But avoided the burgers in case
Of disaster red cocktail dress wise
Or some debris that’s left on your face.

I’ve a headache today, from the drink
And my feet are so sore, from the shoes
There’s a mark on my dress – it is grease
I’ve got corporate networking blues.

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