Nancy Rose

A little girl called Nancy Rose
Has always looked as if she knows
That time and money seem to be
The issues bugging you and me.
She asks us questions about price
And tells us that we’re very nice
To buy her gifts, but really we
Should save our money. She can see
That there’s a cost to all we do
To make her happy. Yes, it’s true.
But Nancy Rose is worth the cost
Her goodness really isn’t lost
On us. She turns down gifts and talks
Instead of taking lovely walks
She knows how she will spend her days,
In calmer, close to nature ways.

She has an eye on time, as well.
She plans her days, and she can tell
Us when it’s time to eat or sit
And chill. A movie. For a bit
Of peace. Some stillness and some time
To stop. It’s really not a crime.

There’s much to learn from Nancy Rose
Her wisdom and her kindness shows.
She has some very basic rules
They didn’t teach us in our schools.
Stuff doesn’t matter, but time does
So use it wisely, she tells us.
She didn’t think all this stuff through
Just lives it. As we all should do.

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