In Praise of the Good Book

To the lonely non-believer,

Take a look at the good book

Full of stories, morals, fables

It deserves a second look

And we all want you to join us

In our communal thin air

We will offer you a network

Somewhere safe, where people care


All the wonder and the sharing

Posted tales of strife and pain

All the loving and the giving

It’s all there. Just look again

Face the book and all it tells you

Find some friends and share your views

Join the group, rejoice and comment

Keep abreast of parish news


In this secular existence

We need a virtual hand to hold

We need invisible assistance

We need some warmth when we are cold

Silent chirping, soundless chatter

Voiceless, noiseless joy and hurt

Faceless testament to nothing

Come and join us and convert

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