Bread Run

Back in 2010 you may recall Gordon Brown being recorded describing a life long labour voter as a bigot.  She had popped out for some bread and ran into Gordon and his entourage.  She took the opportunity to make some pointed remarks about debt and immigration, and then headed off to the shops, having concluded that Gordon was a very nice man…..


Just popping out – won’t be a mo
I seem to have run out of bread
Hello what’s going on – black car, a crowd
A microphone shoved in my head
It’s Gordon, oh Gawd, I shall give him what for
I’ll point out what needs to be done
They’re pushing him at me, he’s looking quite green
There’s nowhere for Gordon to run
Talk to me about polls, Gordon – I’ll give you poles –
Opinion ones – well now, here’s mine
They’re all over here taking all of our jobs
It’s about time that we drew the line
I’ve worked all my life, you know. Giver, I am
The needy, the ‘handicapped’, poor
I’m caring, you see, but you’ve pushed it too far
I don’t feel that way any more
Here they come, from the East, the Poles and the rest
Taking everything from decent folk
So, Gordon, just sort it – I’m off for some bread
The corner shop – some foreign bloke.

He gets in his car, smug smile and a wave
Pissed off that he met someone real
And he had to smile and pretend to agree
Proletariat – ghastly ordeal
A poll or a pole? Both do a good job
Tick here and work there, all is well
And remember the rule; that politicians
Learned rules of engagement from hell

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