Dense Writer

The dilemma of writing for academia. 

My writing is dense

It will only make sense

With deep concentration

And justification

For all I have said

Based on what I have read

In the books on the floor

And the articles for

The clever ones, who

Take a stand, have a view

Do I have any views?

Will they come if I muse?

Cogitate, ruminate

Complicate, obfuscate

Come up with some data

Statistics, for later

Some numbers, a chart

For taking apart

In pursuit of a notion,

A thesis, promotion

Of ideas, a theory

No matter how dreary

My head aches with thinking

My spirit is sinking

I know how it goes

Because everyone knows

Something more, something new

So whatever I do

It will not be enough

I’ll have left out some stuff

Wash the floor? Make a cake?

Have a strategic break?

No! Stay glued to the screen

Just don’t say what I mean

Dress it up, make words long

They can’t tell me I’m wrong

If I elaborate

Make it so intricate

Inaccessible prose

To get right up his nose

The reviewer, that is

I’ll get him in a tizz

As I reach for the skies


My conclusions cut deep

Review them and weep:

If we write in this way

Having something to say

It will never be read

Write a poem, instead.

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