Team Day

Say ‘I’ not ‘we, don’t interrupt,

Respond with care, don’t be abrupt

Lets keep this confidential, so

Relationships between us go

From strength to strength, and we will be

Effective in our strategy

Forgot to say – the lunch here’s nice

I’ve booked for tea and coffee twice

Oh, mobiles off please, for today

We need the space and time away

If there’s a fire, through the doors

And down the stairs – just two floors

What do you think?  I’d like to know

Your views on how this team should grow,

And what should form our corporate vision,

Action plans, our core decision-

Making process re our goals

And how this impacts on our roles

Let’s brainstorm, force-field, do a swot,

Or use a Gantt chart, then let’s dot

The key drivers, using these sticky

Things, or post-its – nothing tricky

Make a thingy on the wall

Which simply clarifies it all.

Hand out the dots, pens, paper too

Break into groups (numbers will do)

You have an hour, choose a chair,

A scribe and someone who will share

Your feedback, then we’ll all agree

The next steps,


Into purgatory

empty words, these pointless dots,

These sticky things, these stupid pots

Of sweets, the bloody choice of still

Or sparkling water – will

The goujons come with spicy sauce?

At lunch, a veggie choice of course

God, let me out, for pity’s sake

Another day to creep and fake

I know the rules, I know the game

I know to smile and not to blame

I know to make a contribution

To come up with a good solution

I know that none of this will hurt

That all that matters stays covert

I know that nothing much will change

Perhaps a gentle re-arrange

I know that life will carry on

And this day will have come and gone

Pick up the yellow dots and go

To ‘Dickens Room’ – the floor below

Avoid eye contact, or I’ll be

The chair, or scribe, or visionary

Go through the motions, with my team

Did I just hear a distant scream?


This has since been published in Organizational Aesthetics, Vol 10, No 1, SPECIAL TOPIC Published December 9, 2020

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