Freja’s game

Freja’s invented a new game to play
Called “stand up and fall down in a comedy way”.
Her friend finds it funny -a marvellous game
So he puts down his toy and he does just the same
Standing up, falling down and then laughing so much
A quick kiss, then stand up again – oh this is such
A good game, falling over is really good fun
If you do it the comedy way, like we’ve done.

These two babies, near two years old, need to be booked
For a life coaching conference, all will be hooked
By the lessons in life they are teaching us here
Learn to fall down in comedy ways then your fear
Of a fall will diminish – and you will be fine
And remember, the odd hug or kiss is sublime.

Thank you Freja.  You made me laugh – helped me see
That to practice the fall with a laugh seems to be
A lesson so pertinent, so wise and smart
In this game that is life.  It’s a critical part.

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