One thousand five hundred and forty three

That’s how many were sent to me

Just in the last week, my time’s not my own

And that’s just the e-mail, don’t mention the phone

Don’t talk to me, darling, my inbox is bulging

Can’t get rid of them, for fear of indulging

In terrible crimes, missing key information

I’ll just have to read them all, at my work station

A number ‘for info’ – I don’t want to know

But when it comes up it’s important I show

That I read it, absorbed it and now can discuss

Whatever it was – mustn’t make any fuss.

‘CC’ this ‘CC’ that, and blind copy to Fred

(Don’t want Mary knowing he’s getting ahead)

Take her off circulation, out of the group

This is confidential – she’s out of the loop

There’s lots of ‘reply all’ ones, offering dates,

Which no-one can do, (a lot on their plates)

We’re trying to meet, and have been for a while,

We keep e-mailing round, it’s becoming a trial

Six months now, we’ve been sending messages to

And fro, trying to meet to decide what to do

But everyone’s busy, with all their e-mail

And dates come and go and our efforts all fail

Did I get what?  Remind me.  Oh, hang on, I’ll go

And look back to last year – I keep them, you know.

Ah yes, this one – the urgent one, I don’t recall

Receiving it from you – no, not at all

The system plays up, you know, doesn’t deliver

Administrative failure, it makes me quiver

To think that I missed this important detail

The perils, the worries of using e-mail

If ever your inbox is looking replete

Grab hold of your mouse and click, drag and delete.

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