Re-shape, downsize, re-align

2 pm, in the conference room

Come and hear your fate

There is still consultation time –

Of course it’s not too late.

This is not about the dosh,

No cuts, no sudden death

Re-shape, align, re-structure things

A chance to draw our breath

And vision for the future here

Re-engineer, down-size

Re-deploy where possible,

I will not tell you lies.

I’m passionate about this place

I value all my staff

You are my greatest asset here

This is on your behalf


The cuts, the insecurity

It’s just the way things are

It’s constant change these days, you see

Accept it, you’ll go far

Must go, see you at 2pm

I have a luncheon date

Regarding my new status here

I really can’t be late

Oh, while I’m out, could you see

About my leather chair

For my new office, second floor

I want it put in there

Thanks a lot, and don’t lose sleep

Embrace uncertainty

Keep focused but be radical

Try being more like me.


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