Seven highly deadly habits

Be proactive

Get in there and act,

Don’t wait for the cue

If you do it’s a fact

That someone will do

The things you’d thought of

And you’ll be too late

Irrelevant now –

Redundancy, mate

Begin with the end in mind 

Retirement’s the end

Of the journey for me

I’ll begin with my ‘package’

How large will it be?

If I creep and I crawl

Through this corporate life

And the money’s okay

Then it’s worth all the strife

Put first things first

I want a big room

With a pleasing aspect

And a PA with whom

There is mutual respect

But first thing I must know

That my money will be

An amount which will show

The value of me

Think win/win

First I’ll win this

And then I’ll win that

Losing’s not in the plan

I won’t be a doormat

If I win, you will lose

There is no other way

Don’t feel bad about that

I’ll give you a say

Seek first to understand, then to be understood

 I just don’t understand

Why your proposition

Will help this business –

Strengthen our position

Write another report,

Make it SMART, make it clear

Set the figures out for me

3 o’clock, meet in here


 One plus one equals three

So they say in the books

But the stats don’t add up

If you ask me it looks

Like the sum of the parts

Should still equal two

Where’s the other one from?

I’m not working with you!

Sharpen the Saw

Well it needs to be sharp

For cutting dead wood

No axes to grind

Severance must be good

My manager’s toolkit

Is serving me well

I seem to have picked up

Some habits from hell

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