I have no idea when I wrote this but it is quite funny.  I am obviously trying to work out how to make a boy like me, and am contemplating playing ‘hard to get’.  I seem to think that this approach will ‘snare’ him – but I’m also worried that it’s pretty dishonest.  I think I was over-thinking it!  (I have no idea if I had any success with this boy, whoever he was, by the way)  Written at around 15, maybe?  I don’t know.


I want to say all the right words

But I think that they may not be right

I’d like to involve him with me

But involvement for him is too tight.


To deny him myself is the way!

Then I know he will want all of me –

But denying emotion is truth

That I no longer want to be free


So how can I and what can I say?

And which actions am I to pursue?

If he wants to I’ll want to give back

But if not then my act is untrue.


Can simplicity drop my my door

And come in for a cup and a tear

And explain away all my spare words,

To leave few, which are blatantly clear.

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