This poem follows on from ‘Forget me not’.  I went back to visit my old school and my old family home, having missed it so much.  Around 15 years old.


I have returned then.

Come back, feeling.

Empty spaces, these rooms.

Why am I simply here and seeing?

Did I not sing for you?

Were there not tears?

Was there not music?

Wasn’t my mind hidden here somewhere?

I can remember

The tears, the words,

The arms to hold.

I can remember,

In the distance,

Loneliness, away.

I can remember dim lighting

Being right, and home.

And now? I experience nothing.

It is all so far away.

I did come back

To find you and feelings –

I found nothingness.

I did return.

Remember me for that, please.

I did return. 


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