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13th May 2020 Jenny Knight 1

Go on, look and decide Let his face be your guide As to whether or not he is right And on hearing his voice You […]

Ode to Covid 19

30th March 2020 Jenny Knight 2

COVID 19 please tell us why are you so mean? You’re doing your damage without being seen We’re hiding indoors while you rampage around You […]


13th October 2019 Jenny Knight 14

I have no idea when I wrote this but it is quite funny.  I am obviously trying to work out how to make a boy […]


13th October 2019 Jenny Knight 0

  This poem follows on from ‘Forget me not’.  I went back to visit my old school and my old family home, having missed it […]

Leave me alone

13th October 2019 Jenny Knight 0

The night is long But maybe if  I squeeze up tightly It will surrender and Leave me alone.   The morning punches my mind Punctures […]

Forget me not

13th October 2019 Jenny Knight 0

  We moved around a lot when I was a child.  After moving from one home to another and starting another new school I was […]

Stand Up

13th October 2019 Jenny Knight 0

I stood alone, in the sudden silence. The doors had closed and the laughter was cut. I stood alone with the air around me. Inside […]