Virtual Purgatory

16th October 2020 Jenny Knight 0

2020 – the year of the virtual team meeting.  This has been published in Viral Verses – a collection of wonderfully illustrated poems written by […]


13th October 2019 Jenny Knight 2

I have no idea when I wrote this but it is quite funny.  I am obviously trying to work out how to make a boy […]

Reality TV

24th January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

The apprentice celebrity come dine with me Masterchef in the attic (on ice, naturally) The contestants must jump from a light aircraft wing Wearing sequins […]

Dear Sir

23rd January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

Dear Sir, One hundred and ten percent I’ll go to the ends of the earth Step up to the plate, kick arse and the such […]

Bread Run

17th January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

Back in 2010 you may recall Gordon Brown being recorded describing a life long labour voter as a bigot.  She had popped out for some […]

The Thin Thing

11th January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

Today I’m tired and want to cry And there are several reasons why I’ve pumped, I’ve jumped, I’ve lifted weight I’ve kept a log of […]

Dinner for Eight

7th January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

  Sea bass, just baked, with a light parsley sauce Home-made summer pudding – in season, of course Plenty of fizz, some red and some […]