Level 9

17th January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

A few years ago my husband was critically ill and ended up in hospital full of drugs and hallucinating.  Patrick was in the bed opposite […]


16th January 2019 Jenny Knight 1

This must have been written at around age 15 I think.   Here in the heavy silence That cuts into my head I hear the […]


16th January 2019 Jenny Knight 3

This was written after my first visit to Sacre Coeur in Paris at around 12 years old.  Every time I’ve visited Paris since (probably around […]

Mr Need

11th January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

In the end, then The need of a friend Is a person Your arch enemy, in fact. Mr Need. And in that end Mr Need […]


7th January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

I was convening a conference last year and on the second day the roads were closed off because a man was protesting on a roof […]

Critical Condition

1st November 2018 claus@cocreation.dk 0

Inspired by a book by Paul Watslawick called ‘The Situation is Hopeless but Not Serious: The Pursuit of Unhappiness’.  And by Plato’s Cave. Critical Condition […]