Always There

2nd January 2021 Jenny Knight 0

I was asked to write this poem for a local hospice.  It was read by a professional actress at their annual remembrance service, held just […]

In your bedroom

23rd January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

I held your hand today and you cried. You cried for your children.  Leaving them behind. You held my hand today and I cried. Cried […]

The Gift

17th January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

This is for a dear friend, written for her on her birthday.  Often the end of a relationship is a gift, even though it might […]

Mother of Pearl

11th January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

A true story of my mum breaking my beautiful umbrella when I was about 7 years old.  I was heartbroken.  It seemed to matter so […]

Group Captain

11th January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

This picture was taken by my wonderful Father in the 60s, when he was in the RAF and we were stationed abroad for a while.  […]

For Dad

3rd January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

A poem about my dad.  The poem tells you what he was like.  He once coloured the black and white television in with felt pens […]

For Bar

26th November 2018 Jenny Knight 0

I’ll miss Bar for the rest of my life. Set the Bar High It’s a place for coffee and cigarettes It’s a place where cats […]


1st November 2018 0

Alphonse She has company now and he’s making her weak, In the shadows he waited – he played hide and seek. Wasn’t seen for a […]