Corporate Georgie

16th October 2020 Jenny Knight 0

I watched my lovely 3 year old granddaughter playing ‘offices’ by the swimming pool while we were on holiday in France some 14 years ago, […]


13th October 2019 Jenny Knight 2

I have no idea when I wrote this but it is quite funny.  I am obviously trying to work out how to make a boy […]

Leave me alone

13th October 2019 Jenny Knight 0

The night is long But maybe if  I squeeze up tightly It will surrender and Leave me alone.   The morning punches my mind Punctures […]

Love Song

27th January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

He has become dearer. In absence which enfolds Me and the distant voice which holds Me he is nearer In silence which devours Me within […]

In Memory

8th January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

So, like a snowdrop on my eyelash That blocked vision, dangled, Then fell into my iris To glaze my vision; Was wiped but remained Until […]

A Poem for You

3rd January 2019 Jenny Knight 0

A Poem for You Hiding in the forest waiting for the dawn Winding through the brambles, flesh and fingers torn Darkness seemed like daylight here […]